Regulatory Closure

Pioneer has extensive experience working with the major state and federal regulating bodies and programs and is proficient in navigating the network of regulations and bureaucracy to ensure formal site closures are obtained in a cost-effective and timely manner.

As demonstrated by nearly 800 NFR/NFA letters from state regulatory agencies, it’s clear that Pioneer’s specialty is regulatory closure.

Pioneer is recognized as a leader in acquiring formal closure from the applicable regulatory agencies, and is the #1 firm in the State of Illinois, out of 450 other firms, in obtaining NFR letters from the Site Remediation Program (SRP).    Our superior reputation, our extensive knowledge, understanding, and adaptability to the ever-changing regulatory governance further enhances our ability to secure “No Further Remediation” (or “No Further Action”) letters for our clients.  In some cases, Pioneer has assisted its client’s legal team in pursuing other forms of closure such as “covenant not to sue” letters and was also an integral part of one of the few successfully negotiated “Prospective Purchaser Agreements” with the Attorney General of the State of Illinois.

Pioneer procures regulatory closures for sites with contamination from regulated activities such as leaking USTs, RCRA hazardous waste operations, or PCBs from sources covered by the TSCA regulations. For leaking UST projects, most states have LUST Funds that are available to reimburse owners/operators for costs incurred for corrective action and we are very skilled at maximizing that reimbursement potential for our clients.  Depending on the specific circumstances, and especially at Brownfields sites, closure is also pursued under a state’s “voluntary” cleanup program.  Pioneer advises our clients on the ramifications of all the various regulations that may apply and how best to achieve closure.