Geotechnical Investigations

These projects range from the straightforward soil investigation for the construction of a single-family residence to the complex engineering analysis for the design and construction of a highrise building.

Annually, Pioneer conducts hundreds of geotechnical investigations to aid in building foundation design and pre-development planning.

We thoroughly evaluate subsurface conditions and work with the project team in the pre-development planning stages to provide technically sound and cost effective options for the initial design phase of a project. Our experienced field technicians conduct on-site soils analysis and our soil testing laboratory performs a wide array of physical soil tests. All field and laboratory analysis is conducted in strict accordance with American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) standards.

Pioneer owns and operates a variety of equipment required to complete geotechnical subsurface investigations at virtually any site, regardless of the terrain. Our equipment is continuously maintained and calibrated to guarantee you top performance and reliability.