Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

Phase II site investigations performed during due diligence are conducted to address the potential environmental concerns (or RECs) identified during the Phase I ESA process in order to facilitate real estate transactions.  These projects range from the straightforward UST release assessment to the complex investigations and hydrogeological studies of large manufacturing and industrial facilities.  For each project we thoroughly evaluate the potential concerns and develop sampling plans that take into account the client’s planned use of the property, balanced with budget and timing requirements, to collect site-specific contaminant data in order to fully understand the relevant issues.  Reports are prepared to explain the procedures and results of the investigation activities and then conclusions are provided to describe the most appropriate recommendations from both a regulatory and practical standpoint.

Pioneer’s Phase II site investigation group, which is comprised of engineers, geologists, chemists and environmental scientists, conducts hundreds of soil and groundwater site investigations annually.

Pioneer owns and operates a variety of environmental drilling and sampling equipment required to complete almost any type of sampling project – including surface and subsurface soil samples, soil gas samples, sediment samples, and installing groundwater monitoring wells for groundwater sampling.  Whatever the project, our environmental drilling rigs, GeoProbes® and mobile percussion-driven sampling equipment can accommodate virtually any large- or small-scale drilling project.

We strongly believe that, by owning and operating our own equipment, we maintain tighter control of the project, can mobilize to sites more quickly, and are able to deliver a quality product in a more cost-effective and timely manner by eliminating unnecessary subcontractor costs and delays.  In due diligence situations, our turnkey capabilities create a competitive advantage in the marketplace for both us and for our clients.